Obama and Gaddafi BFF

You got me there; forever is as long as Obama stays the all mighty president of USA. One ask himself why is there still A Gaddafi ruling Libya? You all heard of the conspiracies that the US is after the Arab world oil and nothing else. Iraq was a substantial pillar supporting this theory. Gaddafi is a kingpin in this act of the oil conspiracy play. And why?

Here's my theory on "why is the most justified attack of the global police force on this planet, the US, with its other UN armed forces does not happen?" is quite simple. Prices of oil are rising every day thanks for the fights in Libya and as long as they continue. America is addicted to oil. The US economy recovery plans are leaning on a price of ~80$ per barrel of oil. We all know the states of these plans now. Recovery it yet to be seeing but "it's coming, we're on the right track, more hard work to do…". Obama really, really, really wants to be reelected for second term in the white house, and the second round starts almost tomorrow morning, maybe next week. So, a high price of oil will slow the economy recovery, make the constituents angry. They will vote for the other guy as long as it is not more of the "yes we can" promises. Doesn't matter if Obama delivered or not, we learned a long time ago that perception is everything.

So, we have elections in the foreseeable future and low oil price is a key factor which we need to achieve  and here comes Gaddafi to the play. The world had more than 40 years training to know how to play with this Muslim murderer psychopath. He provided cheap oil, we pay him the money directly to his bank accounts in Swiss, Austria, Italy, US, you name it. We don't really care what's going on in Libya, how many people have been murdered last week, every week. Give us our cheap oil and we'll look away, preferably to Israel, there must be something to blame it for this week.

Gaddafi is the Gordian knot for Obama. Obama needs to protect his reelections. He needs Gaddafi in regime. He's the only one that can provide a cheap oil for America through the entire fiction land of Libya (without Gaddafi there is no Libya, only few gigantic tribes across the desert). If Gaddafi will be exile or even better, be killed, than for once Obama will not get his cheap oil, second, the world will not let him take over the country as the US did in Iraq, after all, Europe wants the land as well, and last, don't forget the Chinese. They have the money to buy in to the country and take over the oil, God forbid. So Obama needs Gaddafi. This is why he is so hesitating in attacking this brutal psycho that murders his own with jet fighters, snipers, bombs and we're close to see usage of chemical weapons. He has it all.

On the other hand, the media reports that Obama confiscated a Thirty BILLION $ of Gaddafi stolen oil money. They need each other. I am guessing that now they are negotiating how much money will Gaddafi get to leave Libya in peace and alive, where to and how soon. They just need to decide who's the new Governor of Libya and the deal is done. This is why Obama is hinting for a six months period, just to make it looks like a smooth transfer. It is only business. A side business is having the US controlling from remote another Arab country as they did with Egypt. The US will rebuild a new Libyan Army instead of the Kremlin, and gain power and about five Billion $ a year for its weapon export business. Between us, what are few thousands Libyan lives to keep Obama in the white house. They live in the desert anyway….

BTW, the world, mainly Europe and the US, for not doing anything just lost any moral argument, claim, demand and condemn to Israel with its course of action to the Palestinians, which have murdered just couple of nights ago, a family of five on its 4 months old baby, while they were asleep.


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  2. business review הגיב:

    With US UK and French special forces deployed to Tobruk and Benghazi a day after the fraudulent airstrikes stories were run 67 an organization called the Foreign Policy Initiative FPI wrote a letter to Obama puppet of Zion urging an immediate full-scale military intervention to take out Qaddafi and end the violence. Who are the leaders of FPI you ask? In line with FPI s request Zionist hawks Joe Lieberman and John McCain called Washington from Tel Aviv demanding that Obama arm the rebels 68 who were already receiving training from Western Special Ops..Obama followed suit obeying the commands of his Zionist masters.

    • זיו הגיב:

      So, what is the point you're trying to make? True, Israel would love not to see Gaddafi anymore, just like the kid from Syria or the Nazzi's from Iran. So? Is it wrong to use diplomacy to influence other leaders? That's the diplomacy game, always has been and always will be. Obama is doing it to us on daily basis and not just him.

      We don't buy those bogey Zionist stories. Way past thier bad time

  3. misha30792 הגיב:

    בלוג מצוין!

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