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An Advice. We all know how to give one mostly when one is not really needed. We are all advisors, whether we are paid for it by presidents or just blogging it. Whether we are in a three pieces highly expensive tailor made suit or soaking in our shorts on the sofa with the minor color on the side, waiting for the Monday night football to start. We know that no one actually take our advice seriously, and in most cases, no one ever checks the results of it. We can always say it was only an advice.

I read all kinds of advice for Israel, for the Israeli government, for the Israeli people. Some are by distinguished politicians or "high official members", some from noble journalists, some from leading bloggers. They all have an opinion on "what Israel should do about the Palestinians". They all know best. The main premise is that solving the oldest conflict of the world between Israel and the Palestinians will solve most of the issues that the rest of the world have with Islāmic nations, not just with "Arabs".

Here is the shocking surprise. This will never be solved. Frank Baum, once wrote "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" in the timeless children novel "The wizard of Oz". We should do the same, but with a green road instead. Green after the color of the American Dollar. To make it simpler then it just goes by the basic principle of "follow the money". The US and Europe donated, (if we can desecrate this word looking at the actual results), billions of money, all kinds of money, to the Palestinians authorities, and to be accurate, they gave it to certain individuals to manage it for the causes of the donations. Many people on all sides are making too much money from "The Peace Process". Most of it is stolen upon arrival and hidden in Europe. They are in love with the global warm and hugging attention, the fancy hotels, the "Peace Talks", the PRs, the photo-ops, their name on the 6 O'clock evening news, the Prestige. All of them, from all sides of this wedding, are here for the peace process not for the peace. The process keeps them in the spot light, and builds their social status.

Needles to say that we the Israelis, who live in Israel, literally feel where this donation is going to and what the real purpose is for it. We see the mansions, castles, and mostly theft of this money by these individuals, and we know the truth, the truth that is not told to the rest of you, living outside of Israel. This truth tickles that specific exposed nerve on the behind of world leaders, and makes them uncomfortable when sitting down to business. They are afraid from their constituents, which may turn against them when they found out that their "Good cause donation money" is used for the pleasant life of Palestinians leaders and some even goes (cover your eyes now), to finance terror attacks against Israelis, Jews, in Israel.

Yet, Social stratification based on money (and power) is obviously not the only cause for holding the peace process in stagnation. Both parties are counting their loses by the current demands of the other side instead of weighing their gains and wins. As long as any one of the parties involved is holding tight to the feeling, and it's based on feelings only, that they are getting the short end of the stick, the 'peace' will never be fulfilled. No one, especially the all mighty US president, is understanding it. They world is busy threatening all of us of what there is to lose instead of what there is to gain. This is how it is presented in the news today, at least as I see it.

To be honest, we had enough of the 'advice'. Just enough. Please, don't give us the "how and what to do" advice unless you just had your early morning run to the reinforced concrete safe room in eight seconds and repeating it five time a day and night. Only then I might start listening to you. You simply do not understand what we are going through. The fear from blowing up to million pieces for taking the bus or eating a Banana split with the kids, or just maybe having a coffee with the spouse at your neighborhood coffee shop, is something that I don't wish you to experience ever in your life time. It looks to me as if this is just a bad Hollywood trailer for you. If you truly want to support the peace take a stand against the Islāmic terrorism used by the Palestinians to achieve their goals.

It is always easier to blame Israel for the injustice of the world, which is today, the best fun game at the UN. Show me another country that will accept sixteen years of constant terror on all it's forms. Nine years of constant mortar shells, bombing and explosive rockets being fired upon it's cities, where the rest of the hypocrite world will ask this country, politely of course, to "Please hold your horses or we accept this situation so don't' attack back, but talk to them, or actually it's your fault that you are being attacked by…".

Believe it or not, but we all want peace, we want peace of mind, we want prosperity, we want to feel safe. We do. All of us. We have different opinion on how this peace should be, but we still want it. Notwithstanding, we tried peace back in 1994, with an arch terrorist, Arafat, who used you and your money to murder thousands of Israelis. We followed Condoleezza Rice advice (more like a one way presidential order to follow), and agreed to an open elections in Gaza, where a world known Terrorist organization which heavily financed and armed by Iran, won, and ever since is attacking Israel on daily basis, and declares its hunger to wipe us off this planet. This time, PLEASE support the side that uses force against Islāmic terrorism instead the side that encouraging Islāmic terror for its goals. We have done peace with the worst of our enemies and I'm confidence that at the end of the day we will do it again with our enemy, the Hamas. We just need to do it in our own pace, slowly indeed, but prudent.

I do not know what was offered to the Palestinians. Too many versions of this story, too many governments, too many people involved, too many lies and half-truth, and I simply do not believe neither one of them anymore. I do not believe that there will be any peace in the next 100 years, not as long as too many people are benefiting from the peace process and have too much to lose.

We are facing Ahmadinejad, a second Hitler from Iran on this planet of 2011 and no one cares. Talk-talk-talk all day long. It will be achieved by diplomacy, so say the rulers of the this world. Unfortunately they are not facing the big Kaboom. We are. Little Hitler is doing it all, saying it all, and pissing on you all, while charging full steam ahead towards obtaining the first mass destructive bomb, an Atomic weapon.

I'll elaborate on the atomic Balance of Power in few days. Let's hope for a better year. Happy new 2011.

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